BRAND NEW 1 Girl 5 Gays TONIGHT !!

Drink The Glitter alum, David Robert, and current Glitterist, Philip Tetro, both appear on tonight’s brand new episode of 1 Girl 5 Gays !!

CHECK OUT MTV CANADA AT 11 PM EST . Half Italian-American, half French-Canadian, and all Queen, Madonna, is in talks to purchase night clubs, bars, and restaurants in Mayfair, London, England.

One of the clubs, called Aura, is where Madonna can spend almost $20,000 US on drinks for her and her posse of 35 dancers in one night.


… and someone get us three plane tickets to London ASAP. Now that Arnold Schwarzenegger is through being the Governor of California, he’s doing what any celeb politician would do: milking it for all it’s worth and hitting the lecture circuit!

An Afternoon with Arnold Schwarzenegger will hit the Metro Toronto Convention Centre on January 26. He’ll be in both Calgary and Winnipeg the day before.

I know, I know. Golf claps.


After separate New Year’s Eve performances in Miami, Toronto’s own Drake and the current Queen of Rap, Nicki Minaj got together for some time alone on the dance-floor.


They were “dancing and cuddling all night” at Mansion (where Nicki performed earlier that night).
DRICKI ? NICKAKE? DRAKEY MINAJ? We need a name for them, Glitterati !! Tom Cruise is on the set of M:14 in Vancouver, Canada RIGHT ! NOW !

FYI: He’s really fucking short. Ryan Reynolds and Sandra Bullock spent New Years Eve together !


The 2 have been friends for over 10 years, and I’m sure this was nothing more than platonic, but still.. SO CUTE !

I love them. Holy Shit.

SO, pics of our very own Beebz and Selena Gomez kissing and shit over a New Years Eve St. Lucia visit have surfaced and teen girls everywhere have killed themselves are outraged.

For example, here are some Tweets to the lovely Selena:

@selenagomez whore cancer whore..like i’mm kill myself cuz i saw you and Justin kissing. well thankyou Selena thankyou now i’m killing myself

@selenagomez stay away from Justin pedophile, retard wait i’m gonna fucking kill ya in the night underneath your smelly bed


Michael Seater’s 18 to Life premieres on CBC tonight at 8:30 if you’re at all interested.

I’ve watched the show a few times, it’s surprisingly good.

So if you got NOTHING else to do, check it out, I’m sure you wont be disappointed. Shania Twain wed Frederic Thiebaud this past weekend and it was ADORABLE !

I was there The wedding went down in Puerto Rico and it was simply gorgeous.

Like her.


The Glamorous Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian, who used to date Halle Berry’s ex-fiancé, French-Canadian model Gabriel Aubry, graces us on the cover of February’s Glamour Magazine.

In Tom Ford pajamas (and not much else), Kim discusses her family, being a sex-symbol, and body-image.


Glamour also feature one of her hilarious stories. After she got stuck at the airport due to a sand storm she spent 13 hours doing sports betting and casino gambling with bet365 in Tunisia. So what`s so funny about this? She found out that she was actually playing with real money couple of days later when she already lost 18 400$!

The Robyn Dell’Unto Story

Check-out Mississauga, Ontario native Robyn Dell’Unto’s exclusive new mini-series, The Robyn Dell’Unto Story, online !
It’s an in-depth, HILARIOUS, 8-part series that is FILLED with family memories and behind-the-scenes stuff that will make you FALL IN LOVE WITH HER.
Ok, we already are.
Her debut album, I’m Here Every Night, is one of the BEST albums by the year and she just returned from a six-week cross-Canada tour.
She’s also performing at Smiling Buddha tomorrow (Friday, November 5th) at 9 PM … AND IT’S FREE !
We’re gonna be there.justin
A WHOLE SLEW of Canadian celebrities and familiar faces are featured in a BRAND NEW documentary.
It Gets Better Canada is a mini-documentary telling all gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgendered youth that it gets better !
Featured are Rick Mercer (he’s gay?!), the cast of MTV Canada’s 1Girl5Gays, lesbian broadcaster/comedian Deb Pearce, Ontario politician George Smitherman and more.
Ya might cry.
Ya will cry.
Proactiv and perfume are the same, right?
Justin Bieber has set his sights on his own female fragrance.
He didn’t want to make a cologne for guys and thinks that a perfume “is just a different idea.”
This makes us nervous. If you want to buy it though like I’m sure we all will here , it comes out in the first quarter of 2011.

IT’S OFFICIAL : JUSTIN BIEBER is OFFICIALLY dating fellow songstress Demi Lovato.
Yes, the same Demi Lovato who JUST deleted her Twitter (@ChrisGlitter @33VOGUE @andrew_jon) account and cancelled touring with The Jonas Brothers to CHECK INTO REHAB. WHAT ?!
FURTHERMORE, after the recent covershot of a Brazilian photoshoot leaked, Bieber fans are going fucking BONKERS because appearantly they digitally added eyeliner to his naturally gorgeous eyes (YEAH, THEY DID). Read more blog articles.
Officials for Toda Teen Magazine have released a statement saying that “there was no change made in the area of the singer’s eyes.”
DO YOU THINK WE’RE DUMB ?! WAY too much J-Biebz drama for one day !!
Taylor Swift will be in Toronto at MuchMusic this Thursday, November 4th.
She’s in town to promote her latest album, Speak Now, which was just released internationally last week.
The Grammy-winning pop-princess will be speaking with VJ Sarah Taylor between 4-5 PM !
Wow, I tried really hard to care while writing this.
Mississauga, Ontario’s Blake McGrath’s Twitter (@ChrisGlitter @33VOGUE @andrew_jon) has been tweeting and twatting some outrageous things in order to promote his debut album, Time to Move, which comes out tomorrow.
Among thmadona-398728242e ridiculous things he said:
“Just ate dinner with President Obama! He loves my new album Time to Move and tells everyone to grab it in iTunes tonight at midnight!”
Yep : in between combatting unemployment, the recession, and world hunger, Barack Obama wants you to listen to Blake Mcgrath.
Nice try, buddeh.
Stratford, Ontario born Justin Bieber has been out promoting his new book, and opened up recently on some interesting subjects, including his future.
“I see myself being like, 30, like, married, like, probably. I don’t know. It seems far away for me. But I want to be a young dad. I don’t want to be old and not be able to kick around the soccer ball, you know? … I see myself making a smooth transition from being a teenage, um, you know, teenage heartthrob basically to, you know, to an adult singer. I want to make that smooth transition, kind of like Usher or Justin Timberlake did it.”