December 2009

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Edmonton, Alberta native Mike Comrie’s girlfriend Hilary Duff was on Lopez Tonight yesterday and she was.. well it’s Hilary Duff – she’s basically gorgeous and amazing every time we see her.

Especially during 3somes on Gossip Girl.

Here’sa clip from Stratford, Ontario boy Justin Bieber’s recent trip to 106 & Park !

I’m surprised this lil cracka boy fit in so well.

He even shows us how he ‘dances’ with his cast.


Needless to say the sexy ass Dane Cook ROCKED IT tonight at the Copps Coliseum in Hamilton, Ontario !

The show was ‘really good and he looked super hot of course’ !

I believe it.


Courtenay, British Columbia raised Kim Cattrall’s NEW movie, Sex And The City 2, poster has been revealed !


I’m wettin ma panties – I can’t even wait for this movie !


The poster for Vancouver, British Columbia boy Ryan Reynold’s smokin’ hot wife, Scarlett Johansson’s Iron Man 2 has been released !

Unfortunately it’s not her in her hot catwomen-like suit showin off every nook and cranny, that’s how they’d really bring in the viewers, but it’ll do.

Im kinda pumped for this.

Charlemagne, Quebec native Celine Dion, aka the old botch above, was spotted today in New York City.

Good luck with the whole baby situation !

(mama goose is trying for another)


This post is because Lohan is SO HOT !

and she took it there !

Here’s a clip from her new Muse magazine spread where she’s basically getting railed by some HOT mediocre-skinny-guy.. while smoking a cigarette.

Fuck I’d love to be her.

or him.

even that cigarette would do.

Here’s a pic of Lady Gaga in concert yesterday night in Vancouver, British Columbia !

Hopefully their concert WASN’T delayed an HOUR like the Toronto show..

either way, we LOVE this botch and her Bad Romance !

Calgary, Alberta born Cory Monteith Finn was spotted on set for the Glee Vanity Fair photo shoot and it looks as if they were singing in the rain.



I almost shat when Mercedes sang And Im Telling You


Ladysmith, British Columbia born Pamela Anderson canceled her UK Pantomime performance for unspecified ‘issues’.

Whatever botch.

Canadian lezbo twins Tegan and Sara left you a little something !


These bitches are hot – too bad they’re vagitarians.

Montreal, Quebec native Gabriel Aubry’s betch, Halle Berry, and daughter mini-betch, Nahla, were spotted out and about in Beverly Hills, California today !

Haven’t seen him in a hot minute, eh?
Winnipeg, Manitoba native Anna Paquin’s True Blood co-star Alexander Skarsgard Eric was spotted at InStyle’s Golden Globes party held at Nobu in West Hollywood, California yesterday evening.

Without DOUBT I’m in need of True Blood season 3.


Even Richer

Stephenie Meyer, the betch the basically owns Twilight, has decided that the next Canadian-filmed blockbuster release will be in IMAX theaters as well !

The film premieres June 30th, 2010 and you can be sure they’re going to be bringing in WAY more dough than New Moon if all them lil tweens and Twi-hards get hooked on that IMAX shet.

You can count on my $16.00, I’ll be there.

Taylor Swift, aka the Godess every teen girl wishes they were, was spotted in New York City last night, just doin her thing.

Taylor Lautner was spotted at the Jingle Ball concert in Los Angeles last Saturday night and well, needless to say, I find it unfair that she gets to ride him like the cowgirl she is.

Toronto, Ontario born Dean McDermott’s wife, Tori Spelling, is FINALLY getting over the whole thing about her psychotic, lame-excuse for a mother blaming her for her father’s death.

Candy, the old hag, ‘has been seeing the kids’ reports Dean and I’m sure everything is just peachy keen now.

I hate that bitch.