November 2010

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Bieber’s ‘Busted Knee’

Justin Bieber hurt his knee while performing for adoring fans in Cleveland.

“Busted my knee last night in the middle of the show. Not fun,” he Tweeted. “Finished the show with a sweet limp.”

In other Bieber news, he is set to perform at the Grammy Awards nominations concert on December 1st.

Queen Latifah was in Toronto yesterday to host the P&G Beauty & Grooming Awards !

Jully Black, that bitch from Fashion Television Jeanne Beker, and a bunch of others were also in attendance.

If you’re good to mama, mama’s good to you.

Canadian boy Scott Pilgrim Michael Cera was spotted with his Scott Pilgrim cast at a Blu-Ray & DVD signing in Los Angeles !

He’s so adorable.

Still haven’t seen this movie, but I heard really good things – gotta check it out.

Gwyneth Paltrow will be joining our Canadian Gleeks on the next episode !

Here’s a clip of the song she’ll be singing – SUCH A GOOD SONG.

UPDATE: She’s ill. The concert is canceled. =(

The INCREDIBLE Robyn is performing tonight at Sound Academy, in Toronto !

Here she is last night Live on Jimmy Fallon singing one of my faves.



Canadian sex God, Ryan Reynolds, may be in New York this weekend !

That’s because his wife, Scarlett Johansson, is hosting Saturday Night Live tomorrow.


Napanee, Ontario born Avril Lavigne is gearing up to release a new album. Well, it’s not even that new, it was recorded a YEAR ago!

“…I’m done with my 4th record!!! Well, actually I have been done for a year… and now my record company have finally decided to release it. OMG..How nice! Thanks guys.”

Apparently Avril has even “produced a couple tracks alone for the first time, written solo, with friends”.

The first single is called What The Hell.


November 26th is the day that Stratford LONDON, Ontario-born Justin Bieber is releasing his much-anticipated acoustic album, My Worlds : The Collection.

It’s a WAL-MART exclusive, and let’s not forget that the last friday of November is Black-Friday – THE BUSIEST SHOPPING DAY OF THE YEAR !

That wasn’t planned, was it ?

The compilation includes most hits and fan-favourites from both My World and My World 2.0.

Who’s buying it for us ??


The glitter-loving, cannibalistic blonde is starting a North-American tour February 19th, 2011 in Denver, Colorado and makes only?! one stop in Canada :

Wednesday, April 6, 2011 in Toronto, Ontario at Kool Haus.

Where there’s glitter on the floor, we’ll be thurr.

In the meantime, check out this vid Ke$ha made exclusively for DTG last year !

Guess what? The Royal Family is now on Facebook!

Their page offers updates and news!

And you thought it was bad when your grandma joined!

Oh well, not gonna lie, definitely ‘Liked’ this one!

Toronto, Ontario raised, Nina Dobrev, is one hot botch.

On a side note, here’s a preview for the next episode of her hit show, The Vampire Diaries.


Taylor Swift was spotted on QUEEN STREET in Toronto this morning !


If I saw her walk by me I’d most likely pass out and shit myself before doing so.


October 2010

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ATTN Bieber Fans!

Stratford, Ontario born Justin Bieber will debut his new music video for Never Say Never during game three of the World Series THIS Saturday.

Glitterers, are we excited, or are we too busy whipping our hair to that other child prodigy, Willow Smith?


Celine Dion has finally announced the names of her twin boys who were born nearly a week ago.

They boys are named Eddy and Nelson. The names have significance. Eddy is named after the man who produced Celine’s first five albums, and Nelson is named after Nelson Mandela.

Sort of a lot to live up to, especially Nelson!

Québec-native Céline Dion and her two twin baby boys, who are still nameless, were released from their West Palm Beach, Florida hospital this past weekend.

The doctors say that they are “healthy enough to be cared for at home.”

The twins were both only 5 lbs each at birth.

Much love and congratulations to the Dion-Angélils !

Woodstock, Ontario born Kevin Zegers is returning to the Upper East Side madness that is Gossip Girl!

He’ll be reprising his role as the drug dealer Damian Dalgaard.

SO excited! I’m not the only one still watching this show, am I?

So there have been rumours that Justin Bieber is dating Jasmine Villegas. Not true, says Bieber. And what’s more, if he wasn’t single, he’d tell you.

“No, I think that whatever happens, happens. I’m not afraid to tell the truth,” he said.And there you have it.


So, we at DTG thought a that Stratford, Ontario’s Justin Bieber really did NOT deserve a documentary about his life yet.

He’s 12 16.


Check out the trailer for for Never Say Never below, it comes out February 11th, 2011.
IF YOU’RE IN THE USA, YOU MUST WATCH MTV Canada’s 1Girl5Gays tonight on Logo TV !

It premieres tonight at MIDNIGHT and you must must must must watch it !

Our co-creator and dear friend David Robert and current Glitterati Philip Tetro are on this season, and we couldn’t be any prouder of them !

Justin Bieber is coming out with a line of fragranced accessories.

A line of wristbands and dogtags will be available in Wal-Mart in the next two weeks, infused with a unisex scent called like everything else in your career My World.

We’re. Not. Feeling. This.

Is fragranced a word?
Canadian Cory Monteith and the rest of the Glee cast members just released this picture to promote their brand new Christmas album.

It will include tons of Holiday classics sung by all your favourite Gleeks, and some special guest voices as well.

It’s due to be released on November 16th, just a few weeks before the Christmas episode which airs December 7th.


End Of An Era

Denis Simpson, who became a favourite of many Canadian children when he hosted Polka Dot Door, has died of a brain hemorrhage in Toronto.

His credits also included Jesus Christ Superstar on Broadway and Hair in TO.

He was only 59. Our hearts go out to his loved ones.
Celine Dion, otherwise known as Canada’s reigning queen, has given birth to her twins!

The fraternal twidenissimpsonns, born in a Florida hospital, weighed in at 5 lbs., 4 oz. and 5 lbs., 10 oz. respectively.

DTG just came home from an amazing night at MTV Canada.

The segment, titled Impact : Bullied to Death was an interactive special that dealth with homophobia, and the bullying of queer teens in highschool and was hosted by the ever-beautiful Aliya-Jasmine Sovani.

Members of the panel included Jonathan Morton-Schuster from 1Girl5Gays. Other 1G5G members in the audience included Philip, Ish, and Jake, who all came out to support the cause.

What an amazing and emotional experience.

British Columbia raised Kim Cattrall is currently starring as Cleopatra onstage in William Shakespeare’s Antony and Cleopatra in her hometown of Liverpool, England.

Reviews have been mixed, but good for Kim for continuing to act in legitimate theatre.

Wish I could see it!!
Country star LeAnn Rimes has Tweeted that she’ll be filming a movie in Canada next April.

“It’s chilly and sunny and perfect her in Canada!!!! … I’m filming a movie here next April, so I get to really come enjoy this beautiful place!!!”

Where abouts, LeAnn? We’re a big country!

Let’s do lunch!