April 2010

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Toronto, Ontario born Shenae Grimes was looking a hot little mess at the Gilbert Chagoury’s first runway show in West Hollywood, California last night !


SPOTTED: The boys of MGMT are at MOD Club in Toronto, Ontario RIGHT ! NOW !

(It is 12:24 am e.t)

RUN !!!


Although previously reported that Vancouver, British Columbia would NOT be used to shoot the fourth and final (unless they make it two movies) Twilight film: Breaking Dawn, DrinkTheGlitter.com can CONFIRM that Summit Entertainment WILL be using similar sets in BC that they did on Twilight, New Moon and Eclipse !


Oh, and Bella, Jacob and Edward Kristin Stewart, Taylor Lautner and Robert Pattinson are in Vancouver RIGHT ! NOW ! re-shooting some scenes from Eclipse before its release in the summer !

Juno Ellen Page, who’s from Halifax, Nova Scotia, should be excited her new flick, Inception, is coming out soon..ish !

It looks SO ! GOOD !

Here’s a poster for the film, just released.

The movie’s out July 16th and will be in IMAX too !


Vanessa Hudgens, who’s Montreal, Quebec film Beastly hits theatres July 30th, was in a fender bender !

HA !

At least no one was hurt.

Beastly looks really good btw, kinda weird, but I’ll totally see it.

Really though, this girl is allegedly an escort !


Toronto, Ontario born rapper, Drake, is apparently dating a video ho/escort – and she went on a radio show yesterday and ‘professed her love’ for Aubrey herself !

She also changed her Twitter pic to a (blurry/dark) photo of her and Drake kissing.

As far as we know, her stage name is Maliah Michel.. we’ve still yet to figure out her going rate.

Long story short:

Toronto, Ontario born Dean McDermott – who stars on that show with Tori Spelling, blah blah blah – ‘lost his mind’ recently !

He had the NERVE to scream out, ‘what the fuck do you think Im trying to fix’, in Tori’s general direction.

OH ! NO !

not the F bomb.

Anyways, you’ll probably hear about his verbal abuse or some shit, here’s your heads up.